52 Seasonal Puppet Scripts

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From the Publisher
These scripts were written by a variety of authors from all over the U.S. The scripts were previously published in the One Way Street Newsletter and gathered together to create this book. The wide range of writers makes this book a great collection and a wonderful addition to the performance library.

Excerpted from 52 Seasonal Puppet Scripts by . Copyright © 1992. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved
From "Tomorrow is Valentine's Day" page 10
Sister-Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day! I'm so glad it's on the way!
Brother-Yuk! Valentine's Day? Who cares about such a dumb old holiday?
Sister-But it's a special day to show people you love them. A day for pretty flowers.
Brother-Yuk! Pretty flowers!
Sister-And cards with fancy hearts.
Brother-Fancy hearts! Yuk!
Sister-And boxes and boxes of chocolate candy.
Brother-Yu... (starts to say "yuk") Chocolate candy? Now you're talking. You can keep the flowers and hearts and I'll take the candy!
From "The Trick-or-Treat Choice" page 44
Puppet1-Are you almost ready?
Puppet2-Ready for what?
Puppet1-To go trick-or-treating, silly!
Puppet2-Oh, I'm not going trick-or-treating.
Puppet1-What?! Not get a year's supply of candy and goodies for free? What are you, crazy?
Puppet2-No, I'm not crazy, I've just decided not to go door to door.
Puppet1-I do not believe this. A kid who is passing up the one night all year when he can eat candy until he gets sick without getting in trouble from his mom... or the dentist.
Puppet2-Oh, I'll be getting stuff, all right. My church is having a Harvest Night Celebration, and I'm going to that instead. Hey, you want to come with me?
Puppet1-Harvest Night Celebration?
Puppet2-Yeah. We play games like bobbing for apples and hitting a pumpkin pinata until the candy spills out all over...
Puppet1-Candy? Did I hear you say candy?