Puppet Director's Notebook

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cover of Puppet Director's NotebookAuthor: Jim Scott,Dale VonSeggen
ASIN/ISBN: 1583020659
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Book Description
Puppet ministry team directors, you must have this valuable resource book, full of how-to pages for preparing, organizing, recruiting, rehearsing, and planning puppet team performances. It includes reproducible forms such as medical consent, commitment contracts, attendance records, performance checklists, and many more! The Puppet Director's Notebook is the best resource handbook for the local church puppet ministry director.

Excerpted from Puppet Director's Notebook by Dale VonSeggen and Jim Scott. Copyright © 1998. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved
Ministry Begins Behind the Stage Sometimes it seems like a difficult task for "real ministry" to happen through our puppetry efforts. We get frustrated because it seems that our puppeteers are goofing around, just wanting to have fun and are not really trying to minister. We try to accomplish things in rehearsal, and to encourage faithful attendance, but we just seem to be spinning our wheels. We have trouble getting others to sense the importance and urgency of taking rehearsals and performances seriously. If this is your situation, you certainly are not alone. We struggle with this problem with our team, and we know other teams do too. There is no quick and easy solution, but here are some suggestions for you to consider. Take time as a team to discuss and define the purpose of your team's ministry. Put your purpose on paper, and make sure everyone understands what it is. When problems and difficult situations arise, make your decisions based on how the fulfillment of your purpose is affected. Develop the mentality that your team will perform the way they practice. You cannot allow foolishness and haphazard rehearsals and expect wonderful ministry to occur whenever you have an audience. We have found it helpful to rehearse without curtains. Usually we set up the state, leaving the curtains off, so the directors can see everything that is happening backstage. Make sure you are keeping your team members busy! Often puppeteers will get into trouble because they don't have anything to do. Try to spread the responsibilities and performance assignments around to include everyone.