Storytelling Made Easy with Puppets

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cover of Storytelling Made Easy with PuppetsAuthor: Jan M. VanSchuyver
ASIN/ISBN: 0897747321
Binding: Paperback
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“This book lives up to its title in a joyful way. The novice should be inspired to try it....The experienced puppeteer/storyteller will enjoy the attention to detail in sharing how to mix the stories, the puppets, the children, and staging to get the most out of intimate storytimes.”–The Puppetry Journal
“This rich source pair storytelling with puppetry, making it accessible to the beginner or the pro in either performing art....a resource that will inspire and enhance the work of those of us in similar professions, as well as any others who share literature with children.”–School Library Journal
“The book follows a logical progression in dealing with the subject matter and provides a nice balance of newer stories as well as classics.”–Feliciter

About the Author
JAN M. VANSCHUYVER, M.L.S., has been a performer, teacher, and consultant on puppetry and storytelling for two decades.