Trick Marionettes

Trick Marionettes CoverThis book was originally published in 1935 in black and white and is now public domain. It was authored by Nicholas Nelson and JJ Hayes with illustrations by Paul McPharlin. I decided to "republish" it on the net as it is no longer available in print form unless you can find a used copy of it. I have tried to clean up some of the diagrams. On some of the pages I have done color coding of the diagrams.

All original text and diagrams are in black and white (except for this page and the next) and any added comments by me are below that as are reworked diagrams if available. Some of the pages have the stringing color coded and you can isolate the strings by placing your cursor over the correct link.

I have also listed below some books on marionettes that are currently available. They are linked to the Amazon site but listed with each is the Author and the ISBN/ASIN so that you can search for them in your local library if you prefer. Suggestions
cover of MarionettesMarionettes
ASIN: 0486229092
cover of The Complete Book of MarionettesThe Complete Book of Marionettes
ASIN: 0486440176
cover of Making And Manipulating MarionettesMaking And Manipulating Marionettes
ASIN: 1861266634

Before you start

Splitting In Two

Lady Into Ballon

Turn-Around & Upside-Down Transformations

Break-Away Skeleton

Grand Turk and Family



Pole Tosser

Bar Acrobat

Ball Juggler


Team of Equilibrists

Balanceing Clowns

Balancer on Ball

Stilt Walker


Knife Thrower

Knife Swallower

Trapeze Performer

Tight-Rope Walker

Unicycle Rider On Rope

Iron-jaw Hanger

Pole Climber

Man Shot From Cannon

Tandem Marionettes

Ballet, Tap and Oriental Dancers

Serpentine, Russian Hopak and Ball Room Dancers