Balancer on Ball

BALANCER ON BALLWith feet nimbly turning a big, striped ball, a marionette, possibly in oriental costume, rolls the ball to centre stage. There he remains poised for a moment on one toe, bows, and rolls the ball in a circular path all around the stage, finally going off.

Toeing the ball is effected with short, rapid jerks ona string attached to one heel only. The other foot moves forward . as the ball rolls. It is attached to a rod which goes down into a slot in the ball and hooks over the bar which forms the ball's axis. Because of this slot the ball is divided in two, held together by the axial bar. The slot seems to be only another of the black stripes painted around the ball. It is rolled by a stiff wire, painted to blend with the background, and slipped over the protruding end of the axial bar. One stick holds the marionette's hand-, head-, backand heel-strings.