Bar Acrobat

BAR ACROBATThe performer trots on stage carrying a bar attached to the backs of two chairs, or other similar rests, all of a light colour. He puts them down in the centre, taking his hands from the bar. Then he lifts the bar and its rests, to show his strength, standing first on one foot only, then the other. Now he puts the bar down, retreats, jumps and gets his feet over it, landing in a sitting position. He swings, drops over backwards and pulls up to sitting position again. He lifts one foot across the bar and straddles it as if on horseback. Then he hops off, retreats, grasps the bar and does a handstand on it. He springs down, bows, lifts his apparatus and trots off with it.

Knee-strings for walking are attached to one control stick. The hands have two sets of strings. One is knotted on the top of the hands, passed through holes in the bar and, with three or four inches of slack, tied to the ends of the second control stick. The other is knotted under the hands and brought directly to the stick, inside the first set. Heel-strings pass through holes in the stick and meet at a ring in the centre. The head- and back-strings are in the middle.

When the marionette carries his bar, the outside hand-strings are pulled tight. When he raises his hands from it, the inside strings are pulled. For sitting on the bar, the marionette's hands are detached, he is brought as far back from it as the slack of the outside hand-strings will allow, and the knee-strings are raised till the feet go over. For the hand-stand, the heel-strings are raised by pulling the ring in the centre of the stick.