Before you start

Six of these trick marionettes were shown in the pages of The Drama, now de-parted, during 1927 and 1928. Condensed and revised in text, they are here offered with descriptions of several other tricks, all newly illustrated.

Most of the tricks are traditional. Others are comparatively recent, and a few points are perhaps original here. Every inventive showman will stage them in his own way and devise variations. Like all time-honored tricks, they are always fresh to a new generation.

Puppet BoxWhat is impossible for a human being may be easy for a marionette. In the group of transformation, inside-out, break-away and pop-out figures are tricks peculiar to marionettes only. They are amazing as magic, susceptible of endless changes, and tempting for the ingenious. Other stunts, walking a tight-rope or flying on a trapeze, require skill and special management, whether for men or marionettes. Still others, breathing visibly or picking up an object, are everyday acts for men, but tricks for marionettes. The last two classes are amusing or astonishing only in their clever imitation of men. They may appeal to the realist, but are sometimes more trouble than they are worth.

Circuses and revue scenes are enlivened by these tricks, or indeed composed mostly of them. Dramas may make use of them, but there they should never delay action. On principles of the devices shown, almost any sort of a trick can be worked out. This little book is intended to spur invention. (Page 31 is for your own notes.) The illustrator has therefore drawn unclothed those marionettes whose dress is not integral, so that if you follow the trick you may indulge your fancy in giving them clown suits, acrobats' fleshing or fancy costume.

My NotesThe above is the original preface to the book. The comment made above "Every inventive showman will stage them in his own way and devise variations." is very true. All the information in the book and the comments I have added to each are just a guide to how maybe you can acomplish a movement. I cannot stress enough that there is no right or wrong when building puppets.

By the way there is no (Page 31 for your own notes.) Since we are in the age of computers I would suggest using your favorite word processer to keep notes!