GIANT-DWARFA gentleman with a tall hat, ulster and walking stick strolls out upon the stage; he may even be smoking,a cigar (See page 127.) ,With a little shudder, he starts to shrink, going down, down, till his hat is lower than the knob of his stick. Then, with another convulsive start, he grows up to his former, height-and beyond. His legs, body, arms and the neck elongate like, a concertina, till his stick seems a toy. And so he may rush off.

The marionette is made of a few well-weighted parts held together by cord through eyelets, and by the costume. The neck rises on a cord well above the shoulders, but is secured by a tall, soft collar. And there are no upper arms or thighs, merely cords and the hallow tube of sleeve - and trouser-cloth. Between the shoulder and hip blocks there is only nylon cord; the ulster suggests the body.

Walking is managed by one stick with knee-strings. The other stick has the hand-strings (one is attached to the knob of the cane, which slips freely through a hole in the fist as the hand grasps it), elbow-strings (passing up inside the sleeves, out at the shoulders and up through holes in the stick, where they join at a ring on top), shoulder-strings, and head-strings (also going up through the stick with a ring on top).

When he shrinks, the gentleman is lowered by the stick with the shoulder-strings, and the ring on the elbow-strings is pulled up. This causes his body and arms to collapse. The walking stick, resting on the floor, rises through the fist as the arm drops. When the gentleman grows, the main stick is raised above its normal height and the ring on the head-strings is pulled up.

Many variations on growing, shrinking and neck stretching may be preformed in a similar way.