Knife Thrower

KNIFE THROWERTwo marionettes walk out and bow. One takes a position with arms outstretched against a panel covered with dark velvet. The other opens a chest, reaches in and pulls out a knife which it throws. Apparently it sticks in the panel above the first figure's head. The thrower dips into the chest again and the action is repeated till the marionette against the panel is outlined with blades.

There is nothing special about the marionettes. The chest is opened by a string to its cover, and the knife drops into the thrower's hand from its sleeve; there is only one. After each throw the hand is lowered so quickly into the chest that this is not seen. At the same time a string behind the panel is pulled, releasing a catch which holds the handle of a knife, behind a hole in the panel. Rubber bands thrust out the knife handle first, and it stops and holds by a block at its tip. S6 all the prearranged knives are released. The holes are not noticeable in the dark velvet.