Lady Into Ballon

LADY INTO BALLONWhether or not this trick dates from the eighteenth century, when hoop-skirts and balloons were the latest fashion, it has enjoyed long popularity. A lady in court dress flounces in, fluttering her fan and cocking her head coquettishly. She turns around completely once or twice; one sees nothing concealed behind her. Then, at a sudden blare of music or flash of light (which dazes the spectator just long enough for him to miss seeing what happens) a balloon with two little passengers holding flags floats off where she had stood.

The lady is complete to the waist only, but by swinging her slightly from the shoulder-strings the motion of her full skirt suggests legs that walk. Under the skirt hangs the basket of the balloon with its passengers. Sometimes the two little figures emerge from the lady's arms, unhooked and turned inside out like the Grand Turk's. A hoop in the bottom of the skirt is pulled up by four strings passing through a hole in the center of the control stick and tied to a Ring. The skirt turns inside out like an umbrella on a windy day, closing on top with a drawstring, and hides the lady. Strings for hands, shoulders and head are attached to a single stick.

The success of the trick depends not only upon quick manipulation but upon the construction of the skirt. The balloon bag is first made of heavy, flexible material, possibly in vertical segments of contrasting colors. A draw-string is run through a hem to round it together at the top. It is then turned inside out and the lady's skirt and ruffles are applied of a soft, light stuff, the hoop being hidden by the bottom ruffle, which comes at the widest circumference of the bag. The rest of the bag, with its loose draw-string, is tucked up under the skirt.

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