Man Shot From Cannon

MAN SHOT FROM CANNONThe muzzle of the cannon is lowered and the victim crawls in feet first. In an impressive silence the gun elevates. A marionette super lights the fuse. A sputter, a report and a cloud of smoke. The victim is shot into the air above sight. A moment's pause and he comes down on a parachute, waving flags amidst the cheering.

Three marionettes that look alike are used. The first crawls into the cannon, pulled in by strings from his feet that pass through the gun and out at the side of the stage, and stays there. The second, which was fastened to the side of the gun away from the audience all the time, is pulled up at the explosion. (This had better not be real gunpowder.) The third, with parachute and flags ready, is lowered at the proper moment.