Splitting In Two

SPLITTING IN TWOWhen Rumpelstiltskin dashes himself apart in a rage, or the knight cleaves the sorcerer in twain, a special splitting marionette may be provided for the purpose.

Its head and torso are made in halves to join neatly together along a vertical line. Each half of the neck is linked separately to the shoulders. In the upper parts of the head and in the shoulders and hips are lead weights, the lowest the heaviest. The limbs are attached in the usual way; kneestrings run up to one control stick, and the hand-, shoulder- and head-strings to another. Pairs of wire loops are set into the top of the head, the chest and the pelvis on either side of the split. From one loop, where it is tied, a string passes freely through the other and up to the second control stick. these three special strings, pulled tight, are caught in a cut in the stick and secured on a button.

When the button is released and lowered, the weighted halves of the marionette will separate as far as the strings allow, and may be hopped about. If the two halves are to run off in separate directions, the control sticks may pull apart in the center, where they were butted in a metal sleeve; the strings holding the halves together may double down through the loops and up again, with one end free so that they may be released and pulled entirely out of the loops; then two puppeteers may rush the two halves off.

The costume covering the torso must be made with overlaps front and back, held together with small pins which pullout readily, or, better still, held merely by the friction of the material.

My NotesI have never used the above trick but reading through the text I wonder if perhaps velcro may work on the costume. It would have to be very small peices stratigiclly placed or they would hold the puppet together when released.

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