Stilt Walker

STILT WALKEROne of the turns in the old showman's programme was a drunkard, clutching a bottle, who staggered dangerously on stilts to the music of I won't get home until morning. Staggering or not, a marionette on stilts is amusing, and very simple to work if the puppeteer is not too high over the stage. Its hands and feet are fixed to the stilt poles, which continue upward to form control sticks, and its head is suspended by strings attached to each stick.

My Notes
My Stilt WalkersHere are two examples of stilt walking marionettes that I have made. The one on the far left was created for a show about dinosaurs. The body of the puppet was made of lycra sewn and stuffed so was very flexible and needed no joints. The head of the puppet had a rod extending from the top which allowed quick side to side movement of the head. The one on the right in the fancy cloths is Lord Fitzwalter and was actually one of my very first creations. His body is jointed like I do for normal marionettes. Fitzwalter's head is suspended by strings. This method does not allow for exact movement of the head the way a rod extending from the top would.