Tight-Rope Walker

TIGHT-ROPE WALKERThe marionette may slide to the middle of its white rope and there balance on one foot, dance, side swing, lie down, and face the audience, both its feet on the rope, and swing, all with a wire loop in the sole of one foot holding it to the rope. In the hands may be a bamboo pole or parasol. The hand-strings are attached to the ends of the stick with the knee-strings, so that" they balance as the knees rise. Another" stick holds the back- and head-strings.

Or the aerial artiste may have pinpoints projecting from each sole. In this case the rope is a white tape, blackened all its length, save for a narrow strip toward the audience. As the marionette walks along its feet are pinned securely. With bent pins in the palms of its hands, it may drop and catch the "rope" by hooking into it. And if all its strings are double, passing through screw-eyes in the figure without being tied, they maybe released atone end, pulled straight through the eyes and whisked out of the way. The marionette, hanging by the hands, may then be turned over and over the rope which is swung like a jumping-rope from one side. Properly emphasized by a rolling drum, this trick has an exciting crescendo.